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What improvements are available for deposits or account?

Always useful Upgrade database, where you can find all actual information about upgrades.
Read it carefully! Don't miss the chance to use them all and get maximum advantage while earning.
All won upgrades are stored in the Inventory until activation.

Deposit upgrades

Profit upgrades

Daily profit

Daily profit - upgrade one-time increases the guaranteed income of the deposit, after charging a guaranteed income the upgrade is terminated and deposit can be upgraded again. The use of an upgrade does not affect the time and date of accrual of profit on the deposit, the accrual will occur at the same time when the deposit was opened. Activation of the upgrade is possible at any time before and after the accrual of profit on the deposit. For use, the payment system of the upgrade must coincide with the payment system of the deposit. After activation, the details of the deposit will show the upgrade itself and the income that you will receive in the next accrual. Each deposit has one slot for the upgrade Daily profit, for each deposit you can apply the upgrade of Daily profit once a day.

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Unique Daily profit

Unique Daily profit upgrade - Same as regular Daily profit upgrade, but can be used on the deposit of any Payment system.

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After the Expiration reaches 0% and the deposit is closed, along with the initial deposit on your balance will be accrued the Bonus - % of the initial deposit. You can activate the upgrade Bonus from the first day of the deposit work and until closing, at any time, even at the last minute before closing. Payment system of the upgrade Bonus must coincide with the payment system of the deposit. Only one Bonus upgrade can be applied to the deposit during its lifetime.

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Unique Bonus upgrades

The Unique Bonus upgrade has identical functions with the Bonus upgrade, however, it can be applied to the deposit of any payment system.

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Premium upgrades

Change Payment System

Upgrade allows changing the payment system of upgrades: Daily profit, Bonus. Changing the payment system of upgrades is possible only before activation. After activation, it is not possible to upgrade the payment system. You can change the payment system of single upgrade as many times as you like with no time restrictions.

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Expiration rate

Upgrade reduces the level of Expiration to the value specified on the upgrade icon. You can apply only one upgrade to the deposit during the entire period of its operation. If the value of Expiration after applying the upgrade is less or equal to zero, then it will be automatically closed, the upgrade Bonus will perform its function if it was active.

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Deposit withdrawal

Upgrade immediately closes the chosen deposit regardless of the remaining level of the Expiration. After activating the upgrade, the body of the deposit will be instantly returned to your account and will be available for withdrawal. If the selected deposit has an activated Upgrade Bonus, after the deposit is closed you will receive the deposit body and the Bonus.

Account upgrades

Lifetime upgrades

+1 Referral level

Upgrade will improve your referral program by opening level in depth. A maximum of 3 levels.
Level 1 - 5% (available after registration)
Level 2 - 3% (opens with upgrade)
Level 3 - 1% (opens with upgrade)

Temporary upgrades

Instant payments

Upgrade activates instant processing of requests for withdrawal of funds. The processing time for request on the account with an activated upgrade is from 30 seconds up to 5 minutes and up to 3 hours at Bitcoin. Upgrade is valid for 7 calendar days, after which it is automatically turned off and processing of your withdrawal requests again switches to manual mode. Upgrade can be applied once per 7 calendar days.

+1 Deposit Slot

Upgrade opens one slot for a new deposit. The number of slots in the account is unlimited. The number of active deposits is not limited. After the deposit has reached the level of Expiration and has been closed by the system or upgrade Deposit withdrawal or by Reduce Expiration upgrade, the deposit slot closes also. Only the First slot is always available and do not closed.
Important: Available slots do not generate Available Spins. Available Spins are generated only by active deposits.

Other upgrades


The current amount of the Jackpot can be tracked in the Account at the top right corner of any page. Jackpot funds will be available for withdrawal immediately after activation of the upgrade. Upgrade can be activated in the Inventory

+1 Free spin

One Free spin will be credited to your Spin balance after activation of the upgrade. Upgrade can be activated in the Inventory.