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What is SpinWin?

SpinWin is a fair investment game with a fair mechanism of diversifying money cash flow. Registered in London .

What does the administration of SpinWin earn?

All unsponsored acccounts are registered under 'Unsponsored' account which is property of SpinWin administration and referral comission collected from those accounts is the earnings of the SpinWin administration.

How to become an investor?

You can join the investment game only if you are 18 or 21 years old according to the legislative of you country. Register account thru simple registration and enter your account.

Can i have several accounts?

Yes, you can. But not connected between by the referral link.

I have dificulties with registration?

Please, contact our support to solve your issue.

I forgot my password, what to do?

Try to use Recovery password. New password will be sent automatically on e-mail of registration.


What payment methods do you provide?


Minimum/Maximum amount of investment?

Minimum investment 20 USD or 0.002 BTC. Maximum investment 50 000 USD or 5000 BTC at 1 deposit slot. Amount of slots is unlimited.

Minimum withdraw amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount 0.1 USD or 0.0014 BTC

Are any hidden comissions in SpinWin? Bitcoin withdrawal comission!

There are no hidden commissions for any transactions in SpinWin. If there is comission for something we will aware you before the action. SpinWin also have no comissions on withdrawals.
IMPORTANT: Our processor of the bitcoin payments is Coinpayments, they have implemented transaction fee wich is paid by recipient, transaction fee is fixed - 0,0007 BTC on any amount of funds per one transaction, so we recommend you to make Bitcoin deposits wisely.

Can i open new deposit from my balance in SpinWin?

No you can not. To open new deposit you have to make new payment to the accounts of the SpinWin

How fast you will proeed my withdrawal request?

We process all withdrawal requests manually from 1 min up to 48 hours. If you set-up Instant withdrawals on your account, requests are processed immediately or up to 3 hours in case of Bitcoin.

When i will have first profit accrue?

Profit accrues every 24 hours. It means first payment will be credited to your balance in SpinWin after 24 hours from the investment date. All further accruals will be in the same time every 24 hours.

How long my investment will work?

Each active deposit has Expiration rate (NET profit), starts from 50% and your aim is to reach 0% Expiration rate. Your daily profit will be deducted daily from the Expiration rate value, when your Expiration rate reaches 0%, deposit will be automatically closed and your initial will be returned to your balance. How fast you can do it? Depends on your luck!

Are any restrictions on the amount of active deposits? Can i close my deposit before Expiration rate expire?

There are no restrictions on the amount of active deposits. Win “+1 Deposit slot” and open new deposit. Yes, you can take back your investment back any time, by using “Deposit withdraw” upgrade.


Upgradable referral program?

After registration you will have 1 Referral level program, you can win “+1 Referral level” upgrade and open 2 more levels. Commission at each level: 1 Level – 5%, 2 Level – 3%, 3 Level – 1% from each new deposit of your partners.

I had referrals on 2 and 3 Level before activating of the new referral level! Why my comission is 0?

Partners that have registered via your referral link before opening of the level, will be displayed after openening of the new level but their deposits will be not considered into your statistics and reward will not be accrued. Reward for the referrals deposits will be paid only at opened levels of your referral program.

I want to change my sponsor after registration, can i?

No you can not. Changing of a Sponsor in SpinWin is not possible! Please before registration pay attention on the sponsor bar in registration form. All unsponsored acccounts are registered under Unsponsored account which is property of SpinWin administration and referral comission collected from those accounts is the earnings of the SpinWin administration.


How to begin?

After registration go to your account. On the main page you will see The Wheel which you can spin if you have Available spins for it. Spin The Wheel win some upgrades and open new deposit. Activate this upgrades if you want and enjoy The Game by receiving stable payments daily.

What are Free Spins and where i supposed to get them?

Each active deposit gives you 1 Free spin daily. If you have 5 deposits you will have 5 Free spins daily. Accrual of Free Spins is at 00:00 UTC time every day for all of the investors. All Free Spins that you had at your balance at the moment of accrual of the spins, will be charged off balance.

What are Upgrades? And what are they for?

Upgrades are improvements of your Deposit or Account, which allows you to reach 0% Expiration rate faster by using Daily profit upgrades or get even 60% of NET profit by using Bonus upgrade. Also you can upgrade your account by setting up Instant withdrawal for example, ore extend your referral program up to 3 levels. More information you can find in "Spins database"

Upgrades that i won will stay in inventory of my account forever?

Yes, all upgrades that you won in SpinWin game will be available anytime at your Inventory until you use them.

How can i apply Upgrades?

After you will win any upgrade it will be automatically storage in Inventory. There you can see all available upgrades that you have won. Deposit upgrades supposed to be used at active deposits in the Information of the deposit section. Account upgrades can be activated in the inventory. More information you can find in "Spin Databse"

Where can i find the actual list of all existing upgrades?

All detailed information you can find on the "Spin Database" page. Each upgrade has a description how it works, read it carefully!